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Model: BTUF-300L-XX
Water Filter



l   Advanced power-free design. Water inflow and filter under city tap water pressure. Absolute environmental and energy-saving.

l   Waste water regular manual drainage. Take full advantage of every drop of water.

l   Simplified structure. No electric spare parts. No potential electric shock that will be caused by water leakage.

l   Patented design.

Filtration accuracy: 0.01micro. Hollow UF membrane (made from polysulphone)



1.    Six stage filtration system. Stainless steel housing. Filtration capacity: 200LPH

2.    1st filter: 300LPH hollow UF membrane

3.    2nd and 3rd filter: active carbon + KDF absorption filter

4.    4th and 5th filter: active carbon absorption filter

5.    6th filter: 2012 hollow UF membrane

6.    Machine weight: 6.5kg

7.    Applicable range: domestic kitchen water and drinking water for organizations less than 50persons