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Model: PM150 (shrink labelling)
Labeling Machine



·         Host machine; AC220V, 50/60HZ, 1.5-2KW, single-phase
·         Shrinking machine: AC380V, 50/60HZ 18KW (steam heat) / 3phases.
·         Production speed: 9000 b/h
·         The standard length of label is 100mm and the speed can be adjusted accord to customer’s demands. The speed would be faster if the label is shorter.
·         Diameter of bottle body : 28mm-125mm
·         Length of label: 30mm-250mm
·         Thickness of label: 0.035mm-013mm
·         Material of labelPVC PET OPS
·         Size of equipment:
o    Size of the label sleeving host machine: L2000MM*W850MM*H2000MM
o    Steam shrinking tunnel : quantity of steam :50Kg/H
o    Bulk of steam shrinking label: L1800mm*W500mm*H1500mm