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Model: GPK-40GPF-20DGPC-50
Auto Cartoning System


 Model: GPK-40

Speed: 10-12carton/min

Carton storage capacity:100pcs (1000mm)v

Carton size: Length 200-450mm; width 150-400mm; height 100-350mm

Power: 220V 1ф 200W

Air pressure: 6kg/cm2

Air consumption rate: 450NL/min

Machine size:       L2000×W1900×H1450mm

Machine weight: 400kg

Adhesive tape size:     48, 60, 72mm


Model: GPF-20D

Speed: 8-15carton/min

Carton size: Length 200-450mm; width 150-400mm; height 150-400mm

Power: 380V 3ф 3.5KW

Machine size: L1300×W900×H1600mm

Feeding table height: 1000MM

Output table height: 500MM

Packing material: Corrugated carton


Model: GPC-50

Speed: 0-20m/min

Max packing size: L600×W500×H500mm


Min Packing size: L200×W150×H150mm

Power supply: 220/380V1-350-60Hz

Power: 400W

Applicable tape: W48mm/60mm/75mm (optional)

Machine Size: L1770×W850×H1520 (do not include the front and back roller frame)

Machine weight: 250kg