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Model: 600BPH 5gallon water packing line
packaging plant



1.1 Facility Requirements and System Design Considerations
1.1.2 Design Conditions
¨         Water Supply and Drainage: Water supply pipe laying into water treatment room. Water pressure > 0.2Mpa, water consumption is about 32M3/h. The room should be built with water discharging floor drain and drainage ditch.
¨         Power Supply: The water treatment room should be equipped with General Power Distributing Cabinet, the total capacity of motive power should be more than or equal to 80KW
¨         Factory: The floor space of water treatment equipment is 18m*40*(Length* width). The air exhaust device should be installed according to the national standards.
¨         Source water: Meet the national standards of Tap water
¨         Source water Quality: Not Supplied
1.1.3 Design Contents: For the water source inlet to Bottled water Output point
1.1.4 Target
¨         Output Water Quality: Meet the national standards of Bottled water
¨         RO purification capacity: 12M3/h25℃
¨         System Operation: 24hours continuouslywith an additional 10 m³ pure water tank
¨         Water supply Pattern: Continuously
¨         Operation Mode: Interconnected control. Some parts run automatically.

1.2 Engineering Flow Sheet, Layout and Introduction

1.2.1 Engineering Flow Sheet and Layout

Flow Sheet



Picture 2
1.2.2 System Overview
The full bottling line is made up of RO purification system, Bottling system, Sterilization & fresh-keeping system, Air purification system, Conveyor, and test & inspection equipment. The first and second systems are the host system.
B Technical Instruction of Bottle Rinser and Filler System(600B/H)
B1General Instruction
XG-100/J600B/H) Automatic Microcomputer Controller Bottle Rinser and Filler is developed according to the standards from the USA drinking water industrial institute and manufactured under the national hygienic standards of bottled water manufacturing. Safe, Stable, and economic and practical is our basis R&D principle. Our technique and product performances are always the leaders in the water bottling area.
All the electronic elements we use are well-known branded. High auto control, convenient Operation, and reliable performances are some features of the XG-100/J600B/H. Compare with the congeneric product in China, the XG-100/J600B/H enjoys the advantages of small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, thorough sterilization, efficient air pollution-proof, and high-quality.
The full system is made up of auto de-capper, bottle outside rinser, auto bottle loader, capper, shrink film sealer, bottle elevator, and finished product conveyor. The system runs enclosed to avoid any second pollution to bottle cleaning and filling.
This equipment is use to 5gallone bottle filling, and is applicable in the area of food, medicine, chemical industry.
B2. Advantage
·            We are experienced in the area of product processing and bottling. We can customize the project and product according to the customer’s requirements and practical situation, to optimize the profits to the customer with the best cost performed items.
·            With the specialized and experienced team, we are able to offer one package service (product selection, project design and program implementation) to the customer.
·            Follow close to the national hygienic standards of drinking water and food processing. Each part in this bottling line is manufactured and equipped corresponding to the hygienic standards. At the same time, we guarantee every step of system operation is repeatable and stable.
·            We supply item after-sales services. We will solve the technical problems of the system you have ever met.
·            Each single in this production line makes up a system with high technical coordination which can make sure the whole line running accurate and stable.
·            We supply the real time control and display system to the whole production line.
B3. Combination Property
·            PLC control System, Sensitive photoelectric detection system
·            Best price performance ratio
·            Impeccable product quality warranty system
·            Punctual and thoughtful after-sales service system
·            Once there is any fault happening to any unit, the whole production would stop automatically and raise the alarm. (Optional function))
·            Setup the multi-stage limits of authority by presetting the operation code. (Optional function))
·            Touch screen, Human-computer interface. (Optional function))
·            Key components are Europe, USA, or Japan original. (Optional)
B4. Main Features
·            The full bottling line is made up by RO purification system, Bottling system, Sterilization & fresh-keeping system, Air purification system. And then the conveyor system connect them together to make them into an ensemble for line production.
·            The Inside & Outside Brusher clean the bottle with linear omnibearing spray-wash method, non abrasion, non dead angle, reliable and stable. It is adjustable according to the production capacity.
·            The bottle filling is open-type and achieve the goals of sterile filling.
·            ABS engineering convey belt reduces the load of the conveying system power head which ensure the stability and reliability of the convey system.
·            Bottle capping system is built with centrifugal air discharging structure and Italian cap unscrambler and capping technique. The applicable bottle height difference is plus-minus 3cm.
·            Heating Shrink film sealing machine adopts the electric detection and steam heating technique to make the sealing energy-saving, environmental and make the film shrinking uniformly.
·            The machine body is made from superior stainless steel.
·            PLC control make sure each function part to compose an strictness coordinated ensemble to make sure the system work continuously for a long time.