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Model: auto bottle unscrambler 6000BPH (500ML)
auto bottle unscrambler


Working location: 16
Output capacity: 6000BPH (500ML)
Max Output capacity: 10000BPH
Air supply pressure: 0. 7MPa
Air consumption: 1.5M3/ min
Adaptive bottle: Dia. 50-90, height165-290
Motor power: 3KW
Auto empty bottle lifter power: 0. 75KW
External dimension: Φ 2200*2350mm
Weight: 3000kg
1) Torque limit part is designed for the main motor reducer so as to protect the machinery if         malfunctions occur.
2) Two put-casts in one cycle ensure that each work location should be with one bottle, which enhances bottle output efficiency.
3) The bottles are neck locked through the air conveyor so as to avoid overturn/falling in delivery.
4) Damaged bottles will be eliminated by a special device.
5) A lock detector is equipped for alarming; when locked, the machine will automatically stop.
6) A photoelectric switch is set for starting when there is no bottle and stopping when there are bottles.
7) An oil pump will readily fill up the gears, bearings and the cams
8) Maintenance doors and mould replacement door provided.
9) Mitsubishi, Omron and Siemens provide the main electrical components; Such as transducers, PLC, photoelectric switches and relays.
10) Machine outer tank, revolving tank and bottle contact parts are all stainless steel AISI 304.
 Frame parts adopt high-grade carbon jointing.