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Model: PM-200 (Shrink Labelling)
Labeling machine


PM-200 features
All cover stainless steel main machine: Waterproof and stainless;
Adjustable Cutter: Unique rotary cutting, double sides of cutting edge, long service life;
Single positioning center guide pillar: make the lable delivery being more stable;
Synchronous bottle distributing machine: offering the stable bottle conveying;
New style of Steam shrink tunned improves the efficiency of the lable sleeving
Lable controlling electric eye rack: Conbine the tailplane with the electric eye, cut the membrane accurately.
Button type control box: humanity operation
Seperated material feeder: the feeder position can be adjusted randomly.
Input Power 1.5KW
Input Voltage 3,380/220VAC
Production Efficiency 200bottles/min
Size of Host Machine 2100L×850W×2000H
Diameter of Applicable Bottle Body 28mm120mm
Length of Applicable Label 30mm250mm
Thickness of Applicable Label 0.03mm0.13mm
Internal Diameter of Applicable Paper Tube 5″~10adjustable