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Model: RO-1000I(700L-H)-1
Wwater purification equipment


   RO membrane auto wash and manual wash RO membrane wash use medicament in machine Pure water height water level auto stop, low water lever auto run Multi-levels pump no water protect All kinds of protect: no power, poor power, short circuit, larger electric current, creepage protect and so on.

Product description:

Model No:


Capacity of pure water:

700L/H 25

General power:

4.25 KW

Electrical power:

AC 220V 27.5A , 380V 13A 50Hz

RO membranes:

ESPA4040 4items(2 grades)

Multi-phases pump:

CDL2-180/2.2 KW 1 item
CDL2-130/1.5 KW 1 item

Beforehand filter:

300 x 1200 x 1.5 2 items

PP sediment membranes filter tube:

200 x 500 x 1.5 1 item

Booster pump:

BLC70/0.55 KW 1 item

Active carbon filter:


Quartz sand filter:


Size (mm):

main machine: 660 x 600 x 1540
Beforehand filter: 1650 x 360 x 1800