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Model: DBJ-810-III-Q
Bag water filling machine(810II)


Power supply: AC380V /50Hz
Max. Power Consumption: 2.82KW/H
Operating air pressure: ≥0.6Mpa
Gas Source requirement (Flow rate): 0.6m3/min
Water filling capacity : >6.6T/h
Filling capacity: 400-600 bags/hour
Net weight: 950 KGS
Packing dimension: 1550*1950*2350mm  
 FOB, Shanghai.
Product Features:
1. The operation door of this filling machine is fordable in 180 degrees, safe, hygeian and


2. Film-releasing rack is placed outside for easy supply of spare bag membrane, transparent

door &cover for easy observation of filling status
3. Elegant sealing and cutting.                                                            

4. 1 working terminal for desinfection, 1 terminal for spray & cleansing, 2 terminals for

UV anti-bacterium.                                                                        

5. Normal water bag size: 5~13.5L (5~9L is suitable for our bag water adaptors).           

6. Bag membrane applicable: PE membrane, 0.065mm thick, about 50KGS/roll (810mm wide, USD

5.9/kg for MOQ=1000 kgs if needed)                                                         

7. Packing in wooden box