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Model: 3TPD
Ocean water treatment


*Projects: 0.5 T / D-600T/D desalination equipment
This desalination equipment is designed for seawater as a source of water。It desalt seawater to meet the national drinking water quality standard (GB 5749-2006). This equipment includes a reverse osmosis device and washing system. It reserve the inlet, production outlet and wastewater discharge.
Size: Length (mm) × width (mm) × height (mm) = 850 × 540 × 1450
*The scope of supply
Pre-filter systme
RO purifying system
Washing and Protecting system for RO
Electric control system
*Main Functions
1.System Performance
(1)Transfer the Ocean water whose salinity is or less than 35000PPM into drinking water.
(2)High-press pump Overpressure protection, when the pressure of the high-press pump is more than 6.5MPa,      the system will be stopped automatically.
(3)Manual positive and negative washing.
2. Specifications
Preprocessing part: The purpose of preprocessing is to address the following issues:
(1) prevent the reverse osmosis membrane fouling (including CaCO3, CaSO4, SrSO4, CaF2 and SiO2, iron, aluminum oxide, etc.) (2) prevent colloidal material and suspended solids particulate fouling reverse osmosis membrane; (3) Prevent organic matter, microbial fouling reverse osmosis membranes; (4) prevent oxidative damage of oxide material on the reverse osmosis membrane; (5) keep the membrane desalination plant capacity stability. The above purpose is to ensure stable operation and prolong membrane life of reverse osmosis equipment. Above pretreatment to ensure that the reverse osmosis system water to meet the following requirements: (6) Pollution Index SDI ≤ 5; (7) chlorine <0.1; (8) Turbidity <1.0NTU; (9) concentrate Lang Greer index LSI <0.5 (10) Water temperature range 5-35 ° C