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Model: JFP12
seperated filling machine(JFP12)


Small auto riner, filler and capper machine(2000BP)
Name: Automatic Small bottle Rinsing, filling and capping machine
Model No.: JFP-12
Separate style: Rinser + Filler + Capper
Suitable bottle: 500ml-1500ml
Filling & Capping capacity: 1500-2000bottler/Hour
AC 220V/50Hz 1 phase
Technology Process: Conveyor table--Rinser--Fille--Capper--Conveyor table
Name: Automatic Small bottle Washing, filling and capping machine
Model No.: JFP-12
1. Automatic Small Water Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping Machine (500ml-1500ml)
2. Washer/Rinser+filler+capper
3. PLC controlling
4. Easy operation
5. Many models to meet your requirement
Many models to meet your requirement, please feel free to contact me.

Main technical parameters:
Production capability: 2000bottles/Hour (300-500ml PET round bottle)
Applicable Bottle: PET bottle
Suitable bottle volume: 350ML ~1500ML
Bottle's specifications(ML): 350ml; 500ml; 1000ml, 1500ml
Bottle height: 200-320mm
Bottle mouth's inner diameter: Φ22~Φ30mm
Bottle mouth's outer diameter: Φ60~Φ88mm
SS304 material
Electricity supply: 220V/50Hz, single phase
Power consumption: Less than 3KW totally
Washing head: 12 Nos.; Filling head: 12Nos.; Capping heads: 1Nos
The machine includes 4 main parts:
1. Bottle washing/rinsing part:
Rinsing bottles inside with sterilizing liquid, germless water and pure water;
2. Filling Part
Fully-automatic filling pure water into bottles
3. Capping Part
Fully-automatic covering and pressing caps on bottles